Champagne Dreamin' f. F​.​A​.​B​.​L​.​E. & Sincerely Yours (Live)

from by Neak

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First Verse (Neak):

The Dreamer / The Believer / No I.D. in the Common / a street nigga disease / dreaming to leave the falling / soldiers back in they misery / chopping end of cigars / full of smoke / full of it / blowing that Christion / paid in full I'ma addict / tailor made in Versace / racks on racks on my mind / expose them like Federali ah... / swear I'll never die in poverty like ah...... / only thing I'm killing doors suicide / sending prayer for players that's debonair / only one life to live / put it all in the air / glass of the finest wine / chilling with Zane's / Serena's / Kelis's / freaky like Strangé / girls girls girls know I'm fresher than a trillion / dripping hella gold like I'm buried in a pyramid / the only aiming for finer things we living in...

Chorus One (Neak):

Champagne dreaming / caviar dishes / cartier frames / surrounded by hella bitches / Martin had a dream and nigga we gone live it / by any means / ah huh ah.... / I gotta get it (Repeat 2x)

Bridge (F.A.B.L.E.):

It's only as near / as far away / as you want it to be.... / the distance to a dream..... / tell me what / is a distant to a dream....

Second Verse: (Sincerely Yours):

Model's and bottle's chilling / vision how I could be living / given all that I've been getting / driven with the ceiling missing / on a mission so the engine running / as if the end is coming / I ain't in this shit for nothing / I'm talking M's / end of discussion / made man in something custom / I make plan's and take chance push of a button / get me started from the bottom and I'm hustling / balling on a budget then it's on to drawing publishing / for what I pen / paper chasing making / statement's to clear a check / on that fly shit / my mind trip's on leer jet's / open eyelid's to idea's I impress / on a island where I land to / get rest / life in the lap of luxury / should be sitting comfortably / top / of the world and top from a girl if not under me / underneath the surface just becoming who I want to be / want to see success and keep company sleeping on my dream's...

Chorus Two (Neak):

(Repeat Chorus One).

Bridge (F.A.B.L.E.):

(Repeat Bridge One).

Third Verse (F.A.B.L.E.):

Champagne pursuit linen suits out of spiegel / A8 swerving three steps above the regal / black leather butter soft tinted window see thru / Lake shore drive head peaking thru the sunroof / Snakeskin steppers bring heat like the summer / the life I live is like a high note / from Donna summer / west side pimpish with a lil bit of gentlemen / so smooth like them violinist when they fiddling / sailing on a yacht / while munching on the red snapper / I be the first across the finish haters come after / pure laughter when u try to test the veteran / you ain't even gotta ask the question who I'm better than / y'all too turnt up go and get the ritalin / skin tone caramel and her lips like / cinnamon / never met a obstacle that didn't have happy ending / monopolizing with the cheddar ima keep spending.

Chorus Two (Neak):

(Repeat Chorus One).

Bridge (F.A.B.L.E.):

(Repeat Bridge One).


from The Neak Experience (Live), released June 19, 2017


all rights reserved



Neak Chicago, Illinois

If your father performed alongside Funk & Soul legends like James Brown & Sam Cooke, chances are being a product of your environment meant only one thing…following the path of musicianship set directly before him. Chicago-based Hip-Hop artist Neak draws vivid verbal portraits which find inspiration in the spirit of U.S. culture and his own deep-seating personal experiences. ... more


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