1. The Neak Experience (Live)

  2. W D Y B I N

  3. Break It Down f. F.A.B.L.E., Sincerely Yours, Rashid Hadee, and DJ RTST

  4. Do Dat That f. Add-2 (Ethio-Jazz)

  5. Paura/Amore

  6. Thank The Lord f. GLC

  7. XIII

  8. Friends and Strangers

  9. Your Life f. Wes Restless

  10. Love Greater // The Prequel

  11. Love Greater // The Prequel [Secret EP]

  12. Neak Rock (Pete Rock Tribute Album)

  13. 84 Vol. 2 (The Silent Fiasco)

  14. The Coming of Nas (#ILLRaps No. 12)

  15. The Small Things f. Sincerely Yours and Rashid Hadee (#ILLRaps No. 11)

  16. #Winning f. Mike Schpitz and Slot-A (#ILLRaps No. 10)

  17. Everywhere That We Go f. Slot-A, Sincerely Yours, and Rashid Hadee (#ILLRaps No. 9)

  18. It's Your World (#ILLRaps No. 8)

  19. Jockin' f. Mike Schpitz and Sincerely Yours (#ILLRaps No. 7)

  20. Do What You Can f. Pugs Atomz and Simeon Viltz (of 'The Primeridian') [#ILLRaps No. 6]

  21. Means The World f. F.A.B.L.E., Rashid Hadee, Slot-A, Sincerely Yours, Mike Schpitz, and NidaNasheeda (#ILLRaps No. 5)

  22. Groove Theory f. Sincerely Yours (#ILLRaps No. 4)

  23. Gotta Be Something f. Sincerely Yours and Mike Schpitz (#ILLRaps No. 3)

  24. We On It f. Sincerely Yours, Mike Schpitz, and Slot-A (#ILLRaps No. 2)

  25. Raise Yo' Glasses f. Slot-A (#ILLRaps No. 1)

  26. Heartbreaks (DJBooth.Net Freestyle Series)

  27. Celebration of Life's ILLz f. GLC & Trinity

  28. Everything I Am

  29. Sayin' Something

  30. Snotty Noze f. Sincerely Yours, Scheme, and Slot-A

  31. Auditorium

  32. The Meeting Place

  33. Lord Lord Lord f. YP, Slot-A, F.A.B.L.E., Lungz, Sincerely Yours, Mulatto Patriot, and JDott Trife

  34. Project Jazz f. Sincerely Yours

  35. Right Now f. Dee Jackson (of 'The 80's Babies'), Trinity, and Simeon Viltz (of 'The Primeridian')

  36. Fancy Clown w/ Sincerely Yours


Neak Chicago, Illinois

If your father performed alongside Funk & Soul legends like James Brown & Sam Cooke, chances are being a product of your environment meant only one thing…following the path of musicianship set directly before him. Chicago-based Hip-Hop artist Neak draws vivid verbal portraits which find inspiration in the spirit of U.S. culture and his own deep-seating personal experiences. ... more

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