The Neak Experience (Live)

by Neak

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"The Neak Experience" is a live album, soak in jazz/hip-hop elements, featuring Neak's previously released material and one unreleased song produced by frequent collaborator Slot-A entitled "Vibrations." Musically directed by Charlie Coffeen (of Sidewalk Chalk).

Live Album Recording Date: October 2016 @ Music Garage Chicago
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Rashid Hadee of 2nd Life Recordings. Album Art by Domi V.


released June 19, 2017

MC: Neak
Musical Director/Keyboardist: Charlie Coffeen (of Sidewalk Chalk)
Male Vocalist: Erthe St. James
Female Vocalist: FLY Kelly
Drums: Darryl Abernathy
Trumpet: Quentin Coaxum
Bass: Gabe Alston
DJ: Slot-A
MC/Vocalist featured: F.A.B.L.E.
MC featured: Sincerely Yours


all rights reserved



Neak Chicago, Illinois

If your father performed alongside Funk & Soul legends like James Brown & Sam Cooke, chances are being a product of your environment meant only one thing…following the path of musicianship set directly before him. Chicago-based Hip-Hop artist Neak draws vivid verbal portraits which find inspiration in the spirit of U.S. culture and his own deep-seating personal experiences. ... more


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Track Name: Ervaring (Live)
Vocals (Erthe St. James):

Expand your mind / to understand / we all must live / in peace / on Earth (repeated).
Track Name: King Deferred (Live)
Verse One:

You are witnessing revolution / being Bobby to rappers I call them Houston / kill they spirit can't follow me on my new shit / we using Lucifer's kitchen whippin' up fire to burn them like Michael's scalp / clueless / you in the presence of the illest king / that's taking flight from the bottom flappin' his gold wings / the world's pretty until you seeing new heights / like Jay Elect and his buzz / can fall off from living life I'm the...

Chorus One:

...Illest never heard / they say a king deferred / illest illest never heard / they say a king deferred ah... / chi-city get the money ah.../ king king shit we never die / illest never heard / they say a king deferred / illest illest never heard / they say a king deferred ah... / chi-city get the money ah... / king shit we never die.

Verse Two:

Young, black, and gifted like Big Ol' Daddy Kane / no wonder why we special in kitchen flippin' that caine / sirens ringing / momma's crying like dove's in Purple Rain / if priest would come to ghettos they ears couldn't take the pain / confessions running deep / poison will be a Keef when droppin' out seeming cool for PHD's in the street / a war going on that no nigga is safe from / my crown heavy / heavy cause I'm the one I'm the...

Chorus Two:

(Repeat of Chorus One).

Verse Three:

Both of my babies potentially seeing honors / their educational goals or either judges that's squandering souls / souls / chilling with nooses and old emotions / knowing they forefathers would kill them if they posed as superior / the racial exterior / steering lives to the greatest hell in a motive ulterior / the motive is never known / only get covered up / man this our fuckin' life / for money you'll fuck it up / I'm coming of age / fighting for the enslaved / fighting higher society / high on me / like pretty girls throwing shade / ain't no dumbing down / this genius is tailored-made / my niggas feel what I feel / they brilliance is tailored-gang / the champagne for the celebration of truth / celebration of life and better days for the youth Lord.... / I'm the freshest on my king shit / all love everything / can I get a witness...
Track Name: Stay Alive (Live)
Verse One:

Fightin' my demons off me since '84 / wealthy in character but she said we po' / momma / I walked around with self-esteem lower / drama / cause they Jordan's fresh and my Fila's is / Madonna / so old see right through the souls / I fought off the hatred so no hatred would grow / it's hard livin' / thankful my old man never let it break his spirits when bringing bacon for children home / but we couldn't afford to keep me with Nia Long's / you know the girls / pretty girls follows who's on / my bigger brother's gettin' fresh up out the blue / yeah I snuck and wore his gear so the ladies could say ohhhh / Dominic Dominic you lookin' like my king / come and get the pussy they sounding like black Eve's / let me get on back / getta get on track / you say I'm special / how / everybody hit on that / looking back reminiscin' I'm missing my childhood / crazy in the 'Go a black child could leave the hood in the box from a bang / bang bang no boogie nah / leaving my twenties a rarity I'm speakin' to y'all / could've been like my close cousin serving some time / he say he good if it was me I'm losing my mind / they say that freedom is an art controlling the mind / on my mind are riches and I want 'em for mine...

Chorus One:

Come on my brother let's stay alive huh... / come on my brother let's take 'em higher... / let's get to these riches we are survivors... / before they come kill us we'll kill the wire / fire / setting the world in it my desire... / I'm telling these hella haters retire... / come on my brother let's take 'em higher... / let's get to these richer we are survivors.

Verse Two:

Yo I'm screamin' fuck the police / they the biggest gangbangers that we ever gone see / and then I think about all the murders from my brothers / I'm thinking like damn we doing it to each other man / I wish more of our people can stay together beyond lustful endeavors / we making babies the set up is we don't know each other / having babies with strangers / these families are being broken for ages / tired of all the killin' / tired of drug dealin' / tired of seeing robberies / they don't even have to kill us / cause we do it to our own / searching for black leaders / never show they face till other races defeat us / in this game called life / dealin' with bad hands / dealin' with bad cards / many won't understand / I praise God daily for steering me into college but I / become a slave to student loans / my money gone / my white friends be chill / they daddy money long / my daddy tried / momma tried couldn't hold on / from growing and make sure I'm feelin' secure / so rap money a must / blessings for being pure / and loving me though I'm flawed / workin' to get a call to be in meetings and be like my niggas we want it all / all the press / president's dead / that long money to be a blessing to people / we made it nigga we gone uh huh.....

Chorus Two:

(Repeat of Chorus One).
Track Name: Love Greater (Live)
ntro Chorus:

Chorus One:

Come on my brother let's stay alive huh... / come on my brother let's take 'em higher... / let's get to these riches we are survivors... /...

Verse One:

I'm preaching Love Greater through bad weather the rain fallin' / precipitation of Satan breaking my faith all in / my integration to greater thinking / so iconic / the only thing I'll settle for / it's no confusion like an Ebonic / hell was written on my sleeve honest / to kill my purpose / seeing purpose as suicide and foxes / slyer than that channel exploited from Nas / got me feeling like it's nothing right over the starts / one bitten apple can't justify all these broken lives / got forgive me / my faith is seeming a bold lie / it's like blat tat tat tat daily lullabies / my belife is equivalant to a Colombine / stop my idol mind / devil comfy in the workshop / it's confliction with heaven and hell I can't stop / but if we don't believe in something greater later neighbor / than we're destined for nothing so let us Love Greater...

Verse Two:

Devastated I never felt I deserved curb / rock bottom / but then you said the last shall be first / so I'm patiently waiting / waiting to live the words / poverty is so destructive like when AIDS heard / it was no cure / that's how I'm feeling when the shots rang / same color / different gun / let's play the blame game / no Father / no money / waiting on Obama's change / that's my excuses when I aim / and even though it's valid to a scholar / you giving a mother ill feelings / no parent should have to bury they own children / all in all we tryna figure out what life means / you can't find it playing God killing ghetto dreams / we need dreamers the believers like a Common theme / to be a common theme / until our freedom ring / and tell our future generations never look back or later / to something greater / to love greater like that.....


Ain't none of them brothers fucking with that Love Greater shit / you so Little Brother with it / now you loving it / put ya hands in the air / I know ya feelin' it / real recognize real / are you real as this? / our you real is that / what / that Love Greater shit / you so Little Brother with it now you lovin' it / put ya hands in the air I know ya' feelin' it / real recognize real / are you real as this?
Track Name: Money For The Honey (Live)
Chorus One:

Money for the honey / she all about the doe / green for the money and gold for the hoes / out in Melrose / blowing ya pesos / like Jay she change friends and much as she change clothes / so it's money for the honey / she all about the doe / money for the honey she all about the doe......... she all about the....doe.

Verse One:

She all about the money and the finer finer things / finer finer fashion the goldie and the rings / and attention what it brings / think she notice / nigga please / fueling up her ego pimping all the nominees / who can drive her to her dreams over night like / Givens to an iron mic / speeding through the turnpike.... / is not an option when the cash rules / Kendrick to a swimming pool / drank drank / kick it to the sun cruise / to the skies / head spinning but her life's good / intoxicated giving glory to a morning wood / if anything can change her man I though the morning would / let my God judge her / guilty for a Thurgood / hair did / big furs / jewels automatic / back at it / ....charismatic / problematic / for the next mothafucka who be stacking that cheese / bye bye baby / paid in full no Kelis and it's....

Chorus Two:

(Repeat Chorus One)

Verse Two:

Her future dying slow within the fast lane / speeding uncontrollably to maintain / any sort of fame she done conquered in her mind / not aligned with her soul so she running out of time / see her inner beauty / she love her inner snooty / inner bitch / inner cutie super ugly / no unruly she's becoming to herself / becoming to the world / embracing being deaf / rebellious little girl / bet the colder winter ever / chilling right beneath her sweater / in the same place cupid never met her / carrying the poison / everything is poison / niggas say they love her / it's nothing but a noise and / a bunch of fairytales / make-believe / and that Bonnie-Clyde bullshit / only thing she married to is money and the rule is...... / she all about the doe / cash rules everything around her you know?

Chorus Three:

(Repeat Chorus One 2x)
Track Name: Do Dat That (Live)

Spread Spread Love / Yeah We do Dat That / It's One / It's One Love / Yeah We Do Dat That / Early Days Late Nights / Yeah We Do Dat That / Yeah We Do Dat That / Yeah We Do Dat That / Ahhhhhhhh (Repeat 2x)

First Verse: Neak

I wanna see the world thinking international / passport dreaming / touring / illest fashion / sold out shows / hella fans all around the globe / signing autographs / taking pics / flick em then roll / I'm on that fresh shit / recollect on old nights / could've been on hood shit / no to a ghetto life / so I chose to be a dreamer / repeat a Nina Simone / Bonita's see I'm a leader and wanna live in my phone like / you better caaaalll me / when you around in town I'll give you alllll of me / I'm like cool but no / see you later / God thank you for the flight / Lord knows all my ILLZ / ain't easy to shake a vice ahhh / see my life is fine art call it Carpe Diem / leave a legacy documented for museums / be the greatest you can be or don't do it at all / I live it up while living giving my all

Chorus (Repeated 2x)

Second Verse: Neak

Hella gold / rocking fly shit with blood diamonds / that's the image I grew up wanting / I feel in line with / street niggas that's posing and looking cool shining / now what they do for it / I can't really describe it / cause I don't wanna point the finger / huh / on who destroying who to get the cream / you either / gone make it out or make it under / you don't wanna be the latter / cause our ladder never reaching the top of what really matters / dreams / now I'm thankful of that moment on that stage / when the lights shining bright and many won't see my age / lawd / and when I see the crowd / I see God's promise / I see a bright future / like my group is the oddest / no matter what you're dealt play the cards cool / the dirty bottom / the pressure from it can make jewels / so when I see myself I see a crown leanin' / all in all I see life and know the meaning..
Track Name: Friends And Strangers (Live)

Where's it's all going / living out my dreams (repeated).

Verse One:

The saying goes you keep HIM close and you see the gold / metaphor for the good life / the finest clothes / pretty girls and a HAMMER crib / 40 acres / plenty mules / hella cannabis / nothing happens overnight / like a celebrity the Twista is life and everything inside that cold bitch / life's a bitch life's a bitch / shoulder chips are getting bigger / babies getting older / wife is getting sicker / of the dream I told her one day it'll get us plenty richer / and I ain't seen a pretty penny since the Good Times / it's a / tragedy I swear / cause when the rent due this cold world don't even care / so do I love rap or all the dollars it acquires / saying money don't matter / then I'm Lucifer / a liar / time is getting shorter I'll admit it / shit / Chance The Rapper signed / Add-2 signed / where my dotted line niggas? / last year we all rocked the same shows / the difference is they see the world / I see the same woes / gotta turn my nonbelievers to believers like I'm Christ / and I'll take the same cross if it can get a brother known / post on foreign whips and spazz out on paparazzi / so fresh to def / rocking shit called Ghadafi / what's all worth if I can't take a dollar with me / I just wanna take my God with me / everybody sing..

Chorus One (Fly Kelly and Erthe St. James):

We can be friends and strangers / strangers are here like the Weather.....We can be friends and strangers / strangers are here like the Weather.....

Verse Two:

Life after raps / how I'm at this point of thinking? / forever young never not accepting that religion / we all got a time / the only thing is can you cease it? / before you know it poof / like the precious life of Proof / the proof is in the lines / I'm a legend unseen / but what difference does it make / my recognition's unseen / it's so many articles of "wow he so slept on / I'm practically the cousin of death poised with a vest on / that humble shit will have a humble nigga bread short / while cocky niggas packing coups out like Jansport / life is like an LA born rapper / Too Short / my nerves are getting bad lately smelling like a Newport / under stress I'm seeing now why we do harder drugs / swallow molly's / hard liquor / damn who I was / can't forget with God that anything is possible / that obstacle is nothing while I'm fighting for the biggest buzz / what I'm fighting for is life man to live it to the point my old money need a funeral / digits never leave / my momma could retire / can help stop a fire in Chicago / no soccer attire / just a little bit of wire and some faith / and when it's all over I just wanna be a great / just wanna be somebody's greatest for somebody to make it / somebody gotta die and with that notion I hate it / so fuck the greatest then / give me Ghandi life / Fred Hampton soul / and Watts riots all night / I'm taking over and rubbing shoulders with devils and slapping the politicians who gives us nothing but shovels to.... / bury young niggas / bury smart niggas / bury niggas with Michaelango art / it is / something that I love / but shit / something gotta give / I'm looking up above / everybody sing....
Track Name: Thank The Lord (Live)
Chorus One (Neak; Repeat Twice):

Thank the lord for the mornin' / thank the lord for the evenin' / wakin' up I can't thank enough what you've done for me cause I'm breathin' / I say thank the lord for the mornin' / thank the lord for the evenin' / thank the lord for these haters / hatin' what I'm achieving I say.

Verse One (Neak):

Thank the lord for the mornin' / thank the lord for the evenin' / middle fingers up to my demons / a la carte fresh my flow separate from the heathen / closing in with no honor / cause I want wealth I want Carter / never thinkin' poor I won't martyr / all of m soul no king dishonored / no fugaziness on my king tut / keep cool when ill shit get cruel / Chiraq so known usin' pit pat tools / that gem that jewel get trapped in the blues ah..... / that street blues / that by any means I'ma eat cruise / one hand on the wheel / chronic rolled up / one strap / click-clack / where the green food / quick money / so blessed / pops pray I don't digress / wanna make him proud but the pressures on / can't be a Cosby when the unrest / wanna attest / progress / kryptonite for the oppressed / your heart gold / and they heart cold / black so Cheadle so Jack cold / Titanic / growing up fast seeing moms work knowing she hated that stress can't stand it / ever lose that job when you're bill were due couldn't pay / good God I panic / every chance I get / I poor champagne for the pain I feel / I ranted / on the ones that want me to fail / I can't / they will / inhale and...

Chorus Two (Neak):

(Repeat of Chorus One 2x).
Track Name: The Loneliest World (Live)
Intro (Fly Kelly):

I want you love... / I need you.

Verse One (Neak):

Dying for the jewelry / die / dying a to get it / dying for the fame / the moment / I change with it / all the lights / all the lights / are brighter than black Phyllis / no sign of God / just high end religion / can I take my clothes / where em on God's Floors / God knows / I'm Pusha T greater my God Flow / wanna be the greatest to every live on a throne / knowing greatest mean Halle / destined to be alone / no one man should have all the power / no one man should have it all in an hour / take from the women who sit in lobby's for hours / gold diggers / looking to be the one / in an hr / ...lower than a JayZ fitted / I feel it / when I think about the world I'm pennin' / like pennant / I win it / all the hearts / I visit / all the big big dreamers / you the reason why I'm Venice / why I shine in my life / knowing it's your light / a battle deep down / when tryna to take flight / like I / only I / is making myself King / you / not an I / that's making my gold gleam / on the crown / crown / devilish / now / lost in the world / lost in the sounds / of the screams in the crowd / and the fake fake love / that's destined to be allowed / I need you right now....

Chorus One (Fly Kelly):

I want your love..... / I want your love..... / I need you / in the Loneliest World... (Repeated).

Second Verse (Neak):

...Only fear inside is that I don't blow / holding fear inside so y'all don't know / let the windows to my soul tell it / I'm the Illest rap nigga / but it don't sell it / when I'm looking at my girl / and my nerves / like NERD / when she wanna move / up... / lost count / all the pearls / in a home / for Queen / like building for Nefertiti / never leave me on top / like Pac leaving Afeni / leaving too soon / if money would slow up / planning for the worst / I conjure my own curse / lost in the mind / (lost in the mind) / thinking bout the wrong things / like I'm paranoid / fine / I don't care / I don't need / not a soul / not a dream / not a chain / not a rap / not a pretty young thing / make it on my own / own own religion / looking for a love / that don't don't be giving / she'll take.You.Down / life is Bitch.Bitch.Bitch / how / she'll go around / making souls wanna give her they best / kill your career / cause you not relevant / now you all elephant / in the room / when you thought / you could be greatest / ain't no good days left / but the feeling can't stop this beautiful go-getter / feeling not gone I'm killing this love letter...

Second Chorus (Fly Kelly):

(Repeat of Chorus One).

Bridge (Fly Kelly)

(Same as Chorus One).
Track Name: Champagne Dreamin' f. F.A.B.L.E. & Sincerely Yours (Live)
First Verse (Neak):

The Dreamer / The Believer / No I.D. in the Common / a street nigga disease / dreaming to leave the falling / soldiers back in they misery / chopping end of cigars / full of smoke / full of it / blowing that Christion / paid in full I'ma addict / tailor made in Versace / racks on racks on my mind / expose them like Federali ah... / swear I'll never die in poverty like ah...... / only thing I'm killing doors suicide / sending prayer for players that's debonair / only one life to live / put it all in the air / glass of the finest wine / chilling with Zane's / Serena's / Kelis's / freaky like Strangé / girls girls girls know I'm fresher than a trillion / dripping hella gold like I'm buried in a pyramid / the only aiming for finer things we living in...

Chorus One (Neak):

Champagne dreaming / caviar dishes / cartier frames / surrounded by hella bitches / Martin had a dream and nigga we gone live it / by any means / ah huh ah.... / I gotta get it (Repeat 2x)

Bridge (F.A.B.L.E.):

It's only as near / as far away / as you want it to be.... / the distance to a dream..... / tell me what / is a distant to a dream....

Second Verse: (Sincerely Yours):

Model's and bottle's chilling / vision how I could be living / given all that I've been getting / driven with the ceiling missing / on a mission so the engine running / as if the end is coming / I ain't in this shit for nothing / I'm talking M's / end of discussion / made man in something custom / I make plan's and take chance push of a button / get me started from the bottom and I'm hustling / balling on a budget then it's on to drawing publishing / for what I pen / paper chasing making / statement's to clear a check / on that fly shit / my mind trip's on leer jet's / open eyelid's to idea's I impress / on a island where I land to / get rest / life in the lap of luxury / should be sitting comfortably / top / of the world and top from a girl if not under me / underneath the surface just becoming who I want to be / want to see success and keep company sleeping on my dream's...

Chorus Two (Neak):

(Repeat Chorus One).

Bridge (F.A.B.L.E.):

(Repeat Bridge One).

Third Verse (F.A.B.L.E.):

Champagne pursuit linen suits out of spiegel / A8 swerving three steps above the regal / black leather butter soft tinted window see thru / Lake shore drive head peaking thru the sunroof / Snakeskin steppers bring heat like the summer / the life I live is like a high note / from Donna summer / west side pimpish with a lil bit of gentlemen / so smooth like them violinist when they fiddling / sailing on a yacht / while munching on the red snapper / I be the first across the finish haters come after / pure laughter when u try to test the veteran / you ain't even gotta ask the question who I'm better than / y'all too turnt up go and get the ritalin / skin tone caramel and her lips like / cinnamon / never met a obstacle that didn't have happy ending / monopolizing with the cheddar ima keep spending.

Chorus Two (Neak):

(Repeat Chorus One).

Bridge (F.A.B.L.E.):

(Repeat Bridge One).
Track Name: Vibrations (Live)
Verse One:

Home is where the hate is / seen it take our kids / too soon / can't even be alive to see they greatness / important they become / A-list / being a martyr / the playlist / hella gospel / this for the ages I can't preach / and don't teach / capeesh / can't recall when I was out & talked with youngin the streets / bout / the poison / they can't avoid / and / all the noise / of the everyday gunplay / I imagine they destroyed / inside .... / kinda wanna cry / but..I...won't / it's hard to when seeing't / have / most times the shits petty like a cash flow / when I could be with Astro / asshole / I suppose / ...myself to be / I be thinking of me / to be a God / gotta show em what to reach for / only one shot / life is not a sequel / legacy is nothing less you do it for the people / ....

Chorus One:

Your Legacy is nothing unless you do it for the people / say / Yeah Y'all (repeated).

Verse Two:

Marvin said in 71 let's the children / born in 84 / & yet today / I got that feeling / that same one / rolling up / I tried to quit it / admit it / some old neighborhoods afraid to visit / ..I can talk will hear me tho / or will they pull a gun me man / ill never know / I know / the stakes getting high / De La / no lie / niggas a cancel you when Day turn night / like A show with Arsenio / ...what you expect seeing videos / idling Designer clothes / that they can't afford / let's they roll up on / you / the shooter / cold / born inside the icebox / hey government / you fucking us / you plan to stop / uh .. I doubt it / they ain't bout it / privatized jails / profit / for stockholders / who crowd em / ....huh / a lady lost a king / a son see a father in between depression and why you leave / when I was a...teen / i never couldve believed / one day I'll have a son / & be afraid what that could mean / while we living in America / brown / that's so James / we living uncrowned / America stole names / we living undeniably ill / now will it change / I guess it all depends / if we make it through the pain /

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