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by Neak

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Intro: We never know what life can bring us until it comes... / pain... / sorrow... / joy... / happiness... / we always seem to live in a place of unknowing... / that's the fear... / that's the part of life we wish we knew... / that's the part of life we wish we could control... / that fear...Paura/Amore. Verse One: We are witnessing revolution / being Bobby to rappers I call them Houston / kill they spirit can't follow me on my new shit / we using Lucifer's kitchen whippin' up fire to burn them like Michael's scalp / clueless / you in the presence of the illest king / that's taking flight from the bottom flappin' his gold wings / the world's pretty until you seeing new heights / like Jay Elect and his buzz / can fall off from living life I'm the... Chorus One: ...Illest never heard / they say a king deferred / illest illest never heard / they say a king deferred ah... / chi-city get the money ah.../ king king shit we never die / illest never heard / they say a king deferred / illest illest never heard / they say a king deferred ah... / chi-city get the money ah... / king shit we never die. Verse Two: Young, black, and gifted like Big Ol' Daddy Kane / no wonder why we special in kitchen flippin' that caine / sirens ringing / momma's crying like dove's in Purple Rain / if priest would come to ghettos they ears couldn't take the pain / confessions running deep / poison will be a Keef when droppin' out seeming cool for PHD's in the street / a war going on that no nigga is safe from / my crown heavy / heavy cause I'm the one I'm the... Chorus Two: (Repeat of Chorus One). Verse Three: Both of my babies potentially seeing honors / their educational goals or either judges that's squandering souls / souls / chilling with nooses and old emotions / knowing they forefathers would kill them if they posed as superior / the racial exterior / steering lives to the greatest hell in a motive ulterior / the motive is never known / only get covered up / man this our fuckin' life / for money you'll fuck it up / I'm coming of age / fighting for the enslaved / fighting higher society / high on me / like pretty girls throwing shade / ain't no dumbing down / this genius is tailored-made / my niggas feel what I feel / they brilliance is tailored-gang / the champagne for the celebration of truth / celebration of life and better days for the youth Lord.... / I'm the freshest on my king shit / all love everything / can I get a witness...
Stay Alive 05:36
Verse One: Fightin' my demons off me since '84 / wealthy in character but she said we po' / momma / I walked around with self-esteem lower / drama / cause they Jordan's fresh and my Fila's is / Madonna / so old see right through the souls / I fought off the hatred so no hatred would grow / it's hard livin' / thankful my old man never let it break his spirits when bringing bacon for children home / but we couldn't afford to keep me with Nia Long's / you know the girls / pretty girls follows who's on / my bigger brother's gettin' fresh up out the blue / yeah I snuck and wore his gear so the ladies could say ohhhh / Dominic Dominic you lookin' like my king / come and get the pussy they sounding like black Eve's / let me get on back / getta get on track / you say I'm special / how / everybody hit on that / looking back reminiscin' I'm missing my childhood / crazy in the 'Go a black child could leave the hood in the box from a bang / bang bang no boogie nah / leaving my twenties a rarity I'm speakin' to y'all / could've been like my close cousin serving some time / he say he good if it was me I'm losing my mind / they say that freedom is an art controlling the mind / on my mind are riches and I want 'em for mine... Chorus One: Come on my nigga let's stay alive huh... / come on my nigga let's take 'em higher... / let's get to these riches we are survivors... / before they come kill us we'll kill the wire / fire / setting the world in it my desire... / I'm telling these hella haters retire... / come on my nigga let's take 'em higher... / let's get to these richer we are survivors. Verse Two: Yo I'm screamin' fuck the police / they the biggest gangbangers that we ever gone see / and then I think about all the murders from my brothers / I'm thinking like damn we doing it to each other man / I wish more of our people can stay together beyond lustful endeavors / we making babies the set up is we don't know each other / having babies with strangers / these families are being broken for ages / tired of all the killin' / tired of drug dealin' / tired of seeing robberies / they don't even have to kill us / cause we do it to our own / searching for black leaders / never show they face till other races defeat us / in this game called life / dealin' with bad hands / dealin' with bad cards / many won't understand / I praise God daily for steering me into college but I / become a slave to student loans / my money gone / my white friends be chill / they daddy money long / my daddy tried / momma tried couldn't hold on / from growing and make sure I'm feelin' secure / so rap money a must / blessings for being pure / and loving me though I'm flawed / workin' to get a call to be in meetings and be like my niggas we want it all / all the press / president's dead / that long money to be a blessing to people / we made it nigga we gone uh huh..... Chorus Two: (Repeat of Chorus One).
Chorus One (Neak; Repeat Twice): I say thank the lord for the mornin' / thank the lord for the evenin' / wakin' up I can't thank enough what you've done for me cause I'm breathin' / I say thank the lord for the mornin' / thank the lord for the evenin' / thank the lord for these haters / hatin' what I'm achieving I say. Verse One (Neak): Thank the lord for the mornin' / thank the lord for the evenin' / middle fingers up to my demons / a la carte fresh my flow separate from the heathen / closing in with no honor / cause I want wealth I want Carter / never thinkin' poor I won't martyr / all of m soul no king dishonored / no fugaziness on my king tut / keep cool when ill shit get cruel / Chiraq so known usin' pit pat tools / that gem that jewel get trapped in the blues ah..... / that street blues / that by any means I'ma eat cruise / one hand on the wheel / chronic rolled up / one strap / click-clack / where the green food / quick money / so blessed / pops pray I don't digress / wanna make him proud but the pressures on / can't be a Cosby when the unrest / wanna attest / progress / kryptonite for the oppressed / your heart gold / and they heart cold / black so Cheadle so Jack cold / Titanic / growing up fast seeing moms work knowing she hated that stress can't stand it / ever lose that job when you're bill were due couldn't pay / good God I panic / every chance I get / I poor champagne for the pain I feel / I ranted / on the ones that want me to fail / I can't / they will / inhale and... Chorus Two (Neak): (Repeat of Chorus One 2x). Second Verse (GLC): These envious lames is extremely hateful / man I'm stacking change I'm extremely grateful / y'all be playing games y'all extremely playful / she only fuck with you for the shit you pay for / she embraced the vision of Chicagoism / I lead her to the light so she follow ism / she freaky for the night so she swallow ism / be patient / you might see her tomorrow nigga / random manifesting / and finessing / she get these fuckin' lames for some VVS's / she always ask a G what you need and bless me / you tryna cuff her fool she don't need arresting / where you wanna be / instead of me / mackin' Moses / I set her free / I mack the coldest / one degree / they hatin' on me / I'm what they wanna be. Chorus Three (Neak): (Repeat of Chorus One 2x).
Verse One (Rashid Hadee): I sacrifice my time my woman / I'm out here tryna shine but she wishing that I wouldn't / I'm doing what but even if i couldn't / I'd probably be with niggas on the block dumping bullets / all black hooded / the doe I put my foot in / paying all the bills so I gotta keep pushing / keep sacrificing even though you don't like / I got a leg up like dogs fire hydrants / don't need a psychic to tell I'ma diamond / only in the rough / I can't help how I'm guided / eyes on the prizes even though I'm wired / will have everything If I keep sacrificing / grind till I'm tired and don't even mind it / never wanna see us fail I'ma stay blinded / cover up my eyes if I got it just to silence / I gotta bucket list I wanna empty before I'm dying.. Chorus One (Rashid Hadee): It's the up and the downs / positive / negative / the way of the world but we still gotta live / it's a sacrifice / sacrifice / sacrifice / sacrifice (Repeat 4x) Second Verse (Neak): Pretty nights / ugly mornins' / praying lights on me eventually before my dreams dead / fricassee / my other half pushing me to millions while conditioning for models using mouths saving children / pressures in the buildin' / damn near dirty thirty dirty money so appealing / willin' every joy away / I'm longin' for the feelin' / tellin' my moms quit her job / so revealing to me / I need wings when I'm kneeling / afraid so afraid where's the aid for a save in the mind / can't fly if you flappin' under ceilings / stressed out on bills / victimized by my ills / writin' raps in my phone / see my kids gotta will my own way / to the tippy top / heard it gets lonely / broke got the company you keepin' when it's only / something that will kill me / sacrificing dearly to be what's in my heart cruel world say it clearly... Chorus Two (Neak): (Repeat Chorus One; 4x)
Chorus One: Money for the honey / she all about the doe / green for the money and gold for the hoes / out in Melrose / blowing ya pesos / like Jay she change friends and much as she change clothes / so it's money for the honey / she all about the doe / money for the honey she all about the doe......... she all about the....doe. Verse One: She all about the money and the finer finer things / finer finer fashion the goldie and the rings / and attention what it brings / think she notice / nigga please / fueling up her ego pimping all the nominees / who can drive her to her dreams over night like / Givens to an iron mic / speeding through the turnpike.... / is not an option when the cash rules / Kendrick to a swimming pool / drank drank / kick it to the sun cruise / to the skies / head spinning but her life's good / intoxicated giving glory to a morning wood / if anything can change her man I though the morning would / let my God judge her / guilty for a Thurgood / hair did / big furs / jewels automatic / back at it / ....charismatic / problematic / for the next mothafucka who be stacking that cheese / bye bye baby / paid in full no Kelis and it's.... Chorus Two: (Repeat Chorus One) Verse Two: Her future dying slow within the fast lane / speeding uncontrollably to maintain / any sort of fame she done conquered in her mind / not aligned with her soul so she running out of time / see her inner beauty / she love her inner snooty / inner bitch / inner cutie super ugly / no unruly she's becoming to herself / becoming to the world / embracing being deaf / rebellious little girl / bet the colder winter ever / chilling right beneath her sweater / in the same place cupid never met her / carrying the poison / everything is poison / niggas say they love her / it's nothing but a noise and / a bunch of fairytales / make-believe / and that Bonnie-Clyde bullshit / only thing she married to is money and the rule is...... / she all about the doe / cash rules everything around her you know? Chorus Three: (Repeat Chorus One 2x)
MMM 04:27
Verse One: Ecstasy my mother / cocaine could've be my daddy / crack should be my brother / they say that meth is my annie / so you know I'm dressed to kill / the nightlife in my will / it treats me like a king / but to you I'm just a pill / and to some I give them life / amplified in all the lights / sweating on the flo' / oh / guess Trinidad was right / and I been around awhile now / a decade maybe / at the top of every drug class / I'm popular with babies / and babies as in teens & young adults / gotta innocent appeal / like a C.O. Ricky Ross / the pleasure all mines / .... no....really.....ya pleasures all mine / till the morning come slow / you depressed & paralyzed / now see / I....I don't feel / I don't think / I'm just here to bring you the slightest joy when a DJs on the brink / of killing clubs / you wanna feels the skies / the night could destroyed / when I take you on a high / no lie / cuz I'm... Chorus One: Molly Molly Molly / all I do is party / catch me in the club / tweaking everybody.... / rappers say my name / everybody turn up / loving all the fame / we kick it to the sun up / cuz I'm Molly Molly Molly / and all I do is party / all I do is party / all I all I do is party / rappers say my name / everybody turn up / loving all the fame / put a middle finger way up.. / Second Verse: Crucified by the media / I thought I spreaded love / every time I fell in drinks / a few strangers would made love / not advocate of rape / I'll say it loud & I quote it / think I would've made her lust for him if she ain't even know it / never got this much attention till I was mentioned in that Mercy / Lamborghini thirsty / scapegoat for the earth now see / the problem / gotta be the mula / you can't make up off my back / street pharmacist that love me / gave me a chance beyond the traps / seen Harvard / and the Hamptons / kicked it with fiends / never bougie / but expanded past that shallow ghetto dream / ...White America ....I've landed / ..in your home / not a scheme /...I was chosen... / by your children ... & scare you to the extreme / you willing to murder me / huh / even kendrick want me hung / I think what's got them ansty is that my drama be begun /.......I didn't want the trouble / cuz I'm a lover not a fighter / pop me on the fly / guaranteed I'll take you higher / cuz I'm.. Second Chorus: (Repeat Chorus One).
EGO 04:05
Verse One: Huh / I wake up screaming ruler / maad city / hallelujah / pray / I'm truer / can't freak out / from devil's karma sultra / not stunting what these critics / criticizing / I know I am only one hit away / like Bleek / from the shining / that carpet / when you look at Stevie / Wonder / right in front in you / wonder why God gave you / this wonderful life / that none of you / ever thought was possible / ... my crew that me grammys / is the crew that was around / when these naysayers would slam me on / my rap / shit / felt I couldn't be a star / so it's only right / I pop the bottle / bottle flick em off / if I was a evil mothafucka / I would pick em off / Malvo niggas / chase the money / leave em broke / and Madoff / with some bitches / only seen / in all them magazines / and everything we living for / I swear it's all a dream / we push it the limit / get it all by any means / I do it for the niggas that be all about the cream / man these haters know my.. Chorus One: My ego / my ego / my ego / my ego / my ego / my ego / my ego / my ego (I keep it going.....I keep it going......I keep it going....I keep it going.... Repeat 2x). Second Verse:   They rather see you down than up / all they do is pound & bluff / envy you / then run amuck in conversations with these playa hatas / hating heavy on the sideline / people hate what they don't understand when others / fall in line / with you / so the poison never leave / it's buried under sleeves / the snakes is in the cotton / crying out / can't be naive / I use to hate the flashiest / thought it was so niggerish / till' I came to grips when you have nothing / man you can resist / that moment / that give your momma / acres / and that notice / that she can hand her job / unemployed / yet she rolling / cuz you made it to todom / top of it / with no Odom as a client / no drug dealing / just some prayer / faith / and wrote it / my writing on the wall / it spells I am a king / with no crown / but a crown / a thought / not that shiny thing / these rappers fight to pose with / creeping though that ring / they don't notice it / until they underground / or kissing rings / huh / order is what they ordered / defiantly they loiter / for me to Hit Em Up / or model what Big Sean / taught us / that all that friendly shit will get simply below / below / where devil's play / I'm loyal to my Ego / cuz my.. Chorus Two: (Repeat Chorus One). Bridge Verse: My ego / we the greatest.... / my ego / they can't fade us... / my ego... / we fresher than a trillion... / I'm on that Mr. West shit in the building.... / I'm on that King Kendrick in the building..... / I'm on that Drizzy Drizzy in the building..... / Neak the greatest fuck you haters in the building.... / my ego / my ego can you feel it? Chorus Three: (Repeat Chorus One).
Intro (NidaNasheeda): I want you love... / I need you. Verse One (Neak): Dying for the jewelry / die / dying a to get it / dying for the fame / the moment / I change with it / all the lights / all the lights / are brighter than black Phyllis / no sign of God / just high end religion / can I take my clothes / where em on God's Floors / God knows / I'm Pusha T greater my God Flow / wanna be the greatest to every live on a throne / knowing greatest mean Halle / destined to be alone / no one man should have all the power / no one man should have it all in an hour / take from the women who sit in lobby's for hours / gold diggers / looking to be the one / in an hr / ...lower than a JayZ fitted / I feel it / when I think about the world I'm pennin' / like pennant / I win it / all the hearts / I visit / all the big big dreamers / you the reason why I'm Venice / why I shine in my life / knowing it's your light / a battle deep down / when tryna to take flight / like I / only I / is making myself King / you / not an I / that's making my gold gleam / on the crown / crown / devilish / now / lost in the world / lost in the sounds / of the screams in the crowd / and the fake fake love / that's destined to be allowed / I need you right now.... Chorus One (NidaNasheeda): I want your love..... / I want your love..... / I need you / in the Loneliest World... (Repeated). Second Verse (Neak): ...Only fear inside is that I don't blow / holding fear inside so y'all don't know / let the windows to my soul tell it / I'm the Illest rap nigga / but it don't sell it / when I'm looking at my girl / and my nerves / like NERD / when she wanna move / up... / lost count / all the pearls / in a home / for Queen / like building for Nefertiti / never leave me on top / like Pac leaving Afeni / leaving too soon / if money would slow up / planning for the worst / I conjure my own curse / lost in the mind / (lost in the mind) / thinking bout the wrong things / like I'm paranoid / fine / I don't care / I don't need / not a soul / not a dream / not a chain / not a rap / not a pretty young thing / make it on my own / own own religion / looking for a love / that don't don't be giving / she'll take.You.Down / life is Bitch.Bitch.Bitch / how / she'll go around / making souls wanna give her they best / kill your career / cause you not relevant / now you all elephant / in the room / when you thought / you could be greatest / ain't no good days left / but the feeling can't stop this beautiful go-getter / feeling not gone I'm killing this love letter... Second Chorus (NidaNasheeda): (Repeat of Chorus One). Bridge (NidaNasheeda) (Same as Chorus One).
Intro (Neak): Italian to English Translation: vogliamo tutto (we want it all) la bella vita (the beautiful life) First Verse (Neak): The Dreamer / The Believer / No I.D. in the Common / a street nigga disease / dreaming to leave the falling / soldiers back in they misery / chopping end of cigars / full of smoke / full of it / blowing that Christion / paid in full I'ma addict / tailor made in Versace / racks on racks on my mind / expose them like Federali ah... / swear I'll never die in poverty like ah...... / only thing I'm killing doors suicide / sending prayer for players that's debonair / only one life to live / put it all in the air / glass of the finest wine / chilling with Zane's / Serena's / Kelis's / freaky like Strangé / girls girls girls know I'm fresher than a trillion / dripping hella gold like I'm buried in a pyramid / the only aiming for finer things we living in... Chorus One (Neak): Champagne dreaming / caviar dishes / cartier frames / surrounded by hella bitches / Martin had a dream and nigga we gone live it / by any means / ah huh ah.... / I gotta get it (Repeat 2x) Bridge (Mathien): It's only as near / as far away / as you want it to be.... / the distance to a dream..... / tell me what / is a distant to a dream.... Second Verse: (Sincerely Yours): Model's and bottle's chilling / vision how I could be living / given all that I've been getting / driven with the ceiling missing / on a mission so the engine running / as if the end is coming / I ain't in this shit for nothing / I'm talking M's / end of discussion / made man in something custom / I make plan's and take chance push of a button / get me started from the bottom and I'm hustling / balling on a budget then it's on to drawing publishing / for what I pen / paper chasing making / statement's to clear a check / on that fly shit / my mind trip's on leer jet's / open eyelid's to idea's I impress / on a island where I land to / get rest / life in the lap of luxury / should be sitting comfortably / top / of the world and top from a girl if not under me / underneath the surface just becoming who I want to be / want to see success and keep company sleeping on my dream's... Chorus Two (Neak): (Repeat Chorus One). Bridge (Mathien): (Repeat Bridge One). Third Verse (F.A.B.L.E.): Champagne pursuit linen suits out of spiegel / A8 swerving three steps above the regal / black leather butter soft tinted window see thru / Lake shore drive head peaking thru the sunroof / Snakeskin steppers bring heat like the summer / the life I live is like a high note / from Donna summer / west side pimpish with a lil bit of gentlemen / so smooth like them violinist when they fiddling / sailing on a yacht / while munching on the red snapper / I be the first across the finish haters come after / pure laughter when u try to test the veteran / you ain't even gotta ask the question who I'm better than / y'all too turnt up go and get the ritalin / skin tone caramel and her lips like / cinnamon / never met a obstacle that didn't have happy ending / monopolizing with the cheddar ima keep spending. Chorus Two (Neak): (Repeat Chorus One). Bridge (Mathien): (Repeat Bridge One).
Verse One: Everyday my demons on it / no light with that sun in the morning / my parents can't live forever / how I'm gone live life when they gone / shit / I'll go crazy / go crazy / make me wanna hug my babies / make me wanna hate my sins / trying learn what they mean lately / before God wanna call me home / home could be love / home could be silent / home could be war / home could be violent / home could be anything you fear trying / so scared of what karma could bring / .... all the energy angels lack / gotta live with all my wrongs / and pray it never come back / and hope that God will see I'm flawed / but his image / we made in it / meaning the world could've been fucked up / from Him / when He built it from the beginning... / that's blasphemous...... / sometimes I hate is love / embracing a tragic us..... / born to fight with evil / what does he ask of us / ah / ..... My listeners / you gone play priest / all my confession deep / so big / obese / mouthpiece a Della Reese / all that drama in these streets / all that failure nigga seek / ever wonder will I seek whatever heaven that I reach / so it's.. Chorus One: Heaven vs Hell / and it don't seem hard to tell ah.......It's heaven vs hell / say it's heaven vs hell / and it don't seem hard to tell ah......it's heaven vs hell say it's heaven vs hell / and it don't seem heard to tell ah......it's heaven vs hell say it's heaven vs hell / and it don't seem hard to tell / don't know how long i'll long how'll live / but it don't seem hard to tell... Second Verse: Everything that feel like hell is heaven / pleasure is satisfied under hellish weather / hell is so amazing when you can't find all of the peaces / gelling peace together / but sleeping with everyone woman wont help my journey / my hands is dirty / wont clean em ever / so defiant / silent / Tiresias / I'm blinded / from my destruction / I'm hiding / from my reflection / misguided / lucifer why continue / to bring me havoc / when me and you never met / wish you could go play on traffic / plenty times I would play you / deceitful / scandal / unfaithful / turn around just to pray to the same heaven you hate to acknowledge / / bringing war to these babies / putting stress on my wallets / breaking faith of these prophets / fiends in the cockpit / ah / smoking on that Miley / Miley Cyrus / we looking like jungle fever /when flipper / was flippin' that white / believers / are losing they hope / loser out / losing his scope / faith is the key to your growth / faith don't mean shit when you broke / only mean drama / like Soap / opera / nowhere to go / you trapped inside your mind / out this world like a UFO / heaven vs hell is the battle to get ready for / either you gone live righteous or you die with demons hoe.... Chorus Two: (Repeat of Chorus One).
Verse One: I'm writing like I could be living in my last days / you never know when you'll crack a smile at them pearly gates / so everyday is like my last one / devil want the last one / feel it in my city when we bagging one / dead upon arrival / bet they call em' new slave / prolly died cause he wouldn't come off of them chains / you know the gold / when it hangs / gotta you feeling like a king / got em feeling like / higher than ever / here come the rage / of a wild wild nigga / wildstyle niggas / conflict turn crucial when it's pow pow niggas / where is all the fathers & uncles at / when this shit pop / all I see is granny and mothers a few aunts tops / women being men / or being forced to / pennin' to my brothers in prison I hope this force you / to see that every time you say fuck it / we getting fucked / and now it's all prayers, depression and bad luck / and everybody looking for father figures and trust / and can't nobody get it so violence is on the cusp / and violence not the answer / who am I to discuss the issues of broken lives / my parents raised me / my luck was better....I suppose depending on how you see it / police still search me and stop me without reason / all this drama / huh / hope my critics listening / call this shit a classic / and never see this shit again / take me to the lights / and the parties / where the drugs never end / where they sniff a white line off a white model skin / to live that life of luxury I'll trade it all for sins / ends are getting funny / Eddie Murphy the trends / partying with models some I wanna get a taste of / toast to the lust and see what the sex made of / crazy what you gotta contend with to live a dream / the feeling of finer things / evils come in between / all the reason why I rap it's the feeling I get / black lives really matter / Crowning the melanin / keep my generations omitted from all this struggling / turning to the products they give us from all this smuggling / life is still a bitch / and I'm tired being the son it / poised to raise hell like 2pacalypse for a mothership / feeling Nat Turner / with gold burners / mass murders we ride tho.. / I fantasized bout this back in Chicago.. Chorus One: I fantasized bout this back in Chicago (Repeat 4x)
Verse One: Re-inventing the culture praying the time's right / could be ahead of my time and this can feel like / 808s 808s then my heartbreaks / masterpiece / tailored / to kill Lucifer's keepsake / we call hate / it's destined to see the world / destined to kill lives / how do we deal with the pearls / that we throw upon swine / see it every minute when I walk into the job / and years are gone with it / can't get the time back / safe to call it prison / in the mind / now my dreams old old / can't envision / how it feel being fifty living days like this / Emmitt Teal me before I age like this / all things work for the greater good / it's known in the depths of my soul / so why is my heart froze / when I think about the greatness God given and shown us / somehow I'm prepping to be a Moses / somehow I'm prepping for the memorial / that's Abraham's / looking like Martin Luther / euphoria is high / rose pedals at my feet like Astoria / Waldof / Coming To America / to order you / to be / greater whatever's better than Common / unless we talking / the Be author he timeless / life will come kill destroy when not aligned with / the God that once said he'll never leave you in bondage / nothing worst than lost niggas with time and they never wonder why we resorting to all the violence / cold cold hearted / they hearts thicker than callus / letting off Clipse / mistaken them for a Malice / either rich or struggling dead broke / when tryna to be best / you gotta go up learn the ropes / like Muhammad / King / rumbling in the jungle / when tryna to stay alive / we never meant to survive .... Chorus One (F.A.B.L.E.): Don't let them tell you different you a star / ....in time you'll know who you are / ....they said you wouldn't get far / ...you're a Superstar... Bridge (One): I hate me so much right now / I don't wanna live the life / I'm living right now / everything that everything that glitters ain't Gold / glitter glitters / ain't gold / glitter glitters ain't gold) (Repeat 2x). Verse 2: Sometimes I can't believe that I'm a father / I see they eyes / then I see me / I'm honored / gotta show em' how to love a cold world when the world won't love them / I don't want that bad karma / I don't wanna be the one at the murder scene / running through the yellow tape screaming out why God... / I just wanna be somebody that they proud of / show them how to live righteous in the eyes of / heaven / heaven / cause we battle with hell / every weapon / weapon / formed against me a fail / read through the lines / I lead the blind in the braille / they feel my what I'm becoming / the 2nd Coming compelled / to show em the right way like in Nazareth / when I do that do that / all my ills coexist / in my leadership / hoes / liquor money and clothes / fame like white powder that killed Bias before / the lights could settle in / revolutions begins / drill music devised / kids killing our kids / kids are really trill / trill music the life / Keef Louie and Dirk / they tell truth in our strife / and all the real niggas know chi-city is Judas / who hate last supper cause you are known as the coolest / young brothers / black brother / you a king / straight-forward no chaser dog you can be anything / I cry tears that ain't tatted for real / fuck pouring him liquor / stop shooting to build / for real / blurred lines / will drive you crazy for Pharrell / same rage for Wilson / Johnson gotta feel / Demario's the Mike Browns / the slain / god bless the dead / God bless the mane / who could walk in the world trying to the right thing in it / one life / one love / I believes in it... Chorus Two (F.A.B.L.E.): (Repeat Chorus One). Bridge Two (F.A.B.L.E.): (Repeat Bridge One).
Verse One: On a journey unseen so where do we go / is the fame and the lights irrational / .....looking for a heaven to better my soul / spaceship / take me high like Wiz or Monroe / ...Marilyn never leave her alone I'll cry / shedding tears for moments I thought I would die / slow death / with the John Doe's / .......can I dream / can I live / think French / can't I pose like / I ain't worried bout nothing / only worried bout frontin / cuz I can't afford to not achieve / greatness..... / only can afford to be as great as late Chris / Wallace on my heart / gotta feed my daughter / shit / and my son / so my words mean wealth / language Buffet / Malcolm before the great trip / Mecca / and my soul brothers / so righteous / wreckas / they around cuz we on fly shit / only on the tip to make a child uplift from whatever their vice is / young leaders need a chance not a crisis... / gotta stay above water no Pisces / losing hope only comes when you no longer fight shit / when you can't breathe / can't feel / cold hearted so you can't leave / so trapped / Outkast / elevators / stop / shit / ain't no going up /...many end up at the bottom bad luck.... / started from the bottom knowing up so bittersweet / struck by it all old friends out-of-sight / in the dust / cut em' all off if they poison I must / if they killed Jesus who the hell can I trust / all faith everything watch your enemies they know / success kills slow / I'm killing the whole crowd / they so low you leaping the plateaus / so you can't feel em hate / autistic in high clouds / can't stop a snake from biting to kill growth / can't stop God / I'm Nas / so hate now.... / you can't sell us... / sell us out Margelias / reinvent the youth / Marsalis / rather see em' fly than be bound like a fetish / in a room so jealous /....of they God-given energy / with a glow like a pack down in Tenn-E-Key / white.... / angels over my life .... / seek .... / for the battles that we can't fight / weak / that light in us dimmed and they can't see the demon and we surely turn Phife / against the machine my rage under wraps / cuz I don't want seem like Yeezus / and be God-like.... Chorus One (Rizzo): We've Waited soon Long / we've made it through / can never go / wrong / trust my Dreams and I'll follow through (Repeat 4x).


Paura/Amore (Italian to English translation: Fear/Love) captures the complete and unadulterated emotions of Neak as a recording artist. Believing that every feelings stems out of fear or love, he uses those sentiments as focal points on a wide spectrum of emotions to discuss the past, present, and future worldly/personal life events. Executive produced by well-renowned producer/artist Rashid Hadee, Neak TAKES his musical prowess to higher heights. Paura/Amore is designed to reveal the multitudes that Neak embodies--from human, emotional, and spiritual.


"A Few Words From Neak"

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS goes out to everyone that has brought Paura/Amore from a dream into reality! Too many to name! 2016 and beyond is going to be the years of blessings, and I'm looking forward to rallying together with any and everyone that believes in me! We're on our way! Through the grace of God, anything is possible. One Love!


released December 28, 2015


all rights reserved



Neak Chicago, Illinois

If your father performed alongside Funk & Soul legends like James Brown & Sam Cooke, chances are being a product of your environment meant only one thing; following the path of musicianship set directly before him. Chicago-based Hip-Hop rapper and producer Neak draws vivid verbal portraits which find inspiration in the spirit of U.S. black culture and his own deep-seating personal experiences. ... more

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