by Neak

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KWESBAAR (Outtake)


Verse 1:

It's time to reinvent the 'matic / ill-nigga who got it sowed / pragmatic sideline visionaries / you have it no more / taking over like Doors sample the crown is contoured / upon my nappy do / floored / it's so appalling of course / if you designed to come and take me off course / kill my ghetto dreams blood diamonds steering a Porsche / telling ladies yo it's wrong timing tugging her corset / they Beethoven / deaf / tryna blow on my 'Clarinet' / huh / tame the energy / parachute from the crash course / bending knees / say a prayer so they don't Benji me / you on top / life's ugly / it's centipede / you play with fire when you dare to dream / lavish / cashmere savage / coolin' in my cool fabric / switch up the blueprint for sucka fanatics / chill youngin' hungry for it / I'm sorta famished / want the green / lettuce / cabbage / Nola / Gotta Have It (Spike Lee film reference) / though I need it to salvage what society putting blacks through / what we really need is mentors / Add-2's / it's prime time keep the skyline in reviews / cause life will come up and pass you....by.......

Chorus (Repeated 4x)

VoiceBox: Who Do You Believe In Now......Now.....

Verse 2: Thumbing through the scripture so I won't become a Monster / thumbing through it realizing man made it to conquer / my continent was renamed named from Africanus / wonder what other blinders they put upon us / huh / I see the world and all I see is struggles to control it / knowledge of self kills the controlling / the media / avant-garde black art they draw a treaty up / selling the euphoria / art stolen / notorious for it / you follow up / transpose / they follow us / verse prolly get a gravestone gold sarcophagus / we not criminals really we made for monuments / hatred not anonymous / same pressure Obamaish / the difference is yo I see that scheme / got us fighting for the 'Juice' pulling straps on Raheem's / cream got us fighting for McGriff / Supreme / the Poisen / better get the changing theme huh....

Chorus (Repeated 8x)

VoiceBox: Who Do You Believe In Now...Now....


released March 9, 2017
Songwriter/Producer: Neak



all rights reserved


Neak Chicago, Illinois

If your father performed alongside Funk & Soul legends like James Brown & Sam Cooke, chances are being a product of your environment meant only one thing…following the path of musicianship set directly before him. Chicago-based Hip-Hop artist Neak draws vivid verbal portraits which find inspiration in the spirit of U.S. culture and his own deep-seating personal experiences. ... more

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