Do Dat That f. Add​-​2 (Ethio​-​Jazz)

by Neak

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This is a new/unreleased track that will be featured on the deluxe album for Paura/Amore featuring Jamla Recording Artist Add-2. Deluxe album due out Summer 2016.



Spread Spread Love / Yeah We do Dat That / It's One / It's One Love / Yeah We Do Dat That / Early Days Late Nights / Yeah We Do Dat That / Yeah We Do Dat That / Yeah We Do Dat That / Ahhhhhhhh (Repeat 2x)

First Verse: Neak

I wanna see the world thinking international / passport dreaming / touring / illest fashion / sold out shows / hella fans all around the globe / signing autographs / taking pics / flick em then roll / I'm on that fresh shit / recollect on old nights / could've been on hood shit / no to a ghetto life / so I chose to be a dreamer / repeat a Nina Simone / Bonita's see I'm a leader and wanna live in my phone like / you better caaaalll me / when you around in town I'll give you alllll of me / I'm like cool but no / see you later / God thank you for the flight / Lord knows all my ILLZ / ain't easy to shake a vice ahhh / see my life is fine art call it Carpe Diem / leave a legacy documented for museums / be the greatest you can be or don't do it at all / I live it up while living giving my all

Chorus (Repeated 2x)

Second Verse: Add-2

I say little black boys and girls / I tell them listen to Nas and Lauryn Hill 'If I Ruled The World' / or Illmatic he told me it was already mine / momma told me if they throwing shade son to shine / I see things / the scenic what it seems to be / good grief / grieving / cause greed make em kill for green / that's food for thought / a million ain't a mill to me / God bless this MC / my skill sick as a sneeze / I'm still feeling myself / while still building my wealth / forget getting some help / I'll go do it myself / and so thickens the plot / plenty cities I rock / fans put hands up like watch at 12 o'clock / my homies told me you can be the greatest if you wanna be / tomorrow's isn't promised / ain't no telling where you're gonna be / hotter than a summer see / something that you'll never see / if you in hell let it breathe / you know it...

Chorus (Repeated 2x)

Third Verse: Neak

Hella gold / rocking fly shit with blood diamonds / that's the image I grew up wanting / I feel in line with / street niggas that's posing and looking cool shining / now what they do for it / I can't really describe it / cause I don't wanna point the finger / huh / on who destroying who to get the cream / you either / gone make it out or make it under / you don't wanna be the latter / cause our ladder never reaching the top of what really matters / dreams / now I'm thankful of that moment on that stage / when the lights shining bright and many won't see my age / lawd / and when I see the crowd / I see God's promise / I see a bright future / like my group is the oddest / no matter what you're dealt play the cards cool / the dirty bottom / the pressure from it can make jewels / so when I see myself I see a crown leanin' / all in all I see life and know the meaning..


released March 4, 2016
Produced by Neak
Additional Keys By DJ/Producer Slot-A



all rights reserved


Neak Chicago, Illinois

If your father performed alongside Funk & Soul legends like James Brown & Sam Cooke, chances are being a product of your environment meant only one thing…following the path of musicianship set directly before him. Chicago-based Hip-Hop artist Neak draws vivid verbal portraits which find inspiration in the spirit of U.S. culture and his own deep-seating personal experiences. ... more

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